Mahalo a Nui Loa to all Hawaii Veterans for your contributions to society, business and our greater good. We appreciate your services and sacrifices to help keep and protect our freedoms.

We’d also like to thank the thousands of Veterans Groups around the world that support Veterans who benefit from Cannabis medicine.

Today is a Day of Action for the Hawaii Patients Union. We are joining efforts to create a Cannabis legalization bill to end the nonsense of prohibition. Sensible adult legalization coupled with strong patient protections moving forward is our primary goal in the union.

You’re invited to add your ideas, comments, feedback and anything else that will promote the idea of sensible Cannabis legislation in the State of Hawaii.

Visit the Group homepage on Facebook and request access:

Skip the Facebook group and view the doc as it’s being updated:

To review, edit and add specific language for patient protections visit this doc:

Hawaii Patients Union