Medical Cannabis Day is June 14th in Hawaii.

Our Medical Cannabis Day champion is Dr. Clifton Otto. His work over the last two years to achieve recognition for patients with debilitating conditions who are licensed to use Cannabis has been exemplary to say the least. Dr. Otto spends his own money and a substantial amount of his time to raise awareness for patients suffering and passed.

Following Dr. Otto’s lead in submitting a proclamation to Gov. Ige and Mayor Kirk Caldwell, we submitted a nearly identical proclamation proposal to Mayor of Hawaii County, Harry Kim and Managing Director, Wil Okabe.

Read the proclamation sent to Mayor Kim:

Read the proclamation sent to Mayor Caldwell:
MCDay-Proclamation Proposal-Caldwell-03Jun20

Response from Gov. Ige’s office May 29th, 2019:
Aloha and thank you for contacting the Office of Governor David Ige to request a commemorative message from the governor. Unfortunately, our office will not be able to accommodate your request for Medical Cannabis Day at this time. We hope to be able to assist you in the future.

Everyone has a role to play. Whether it’s simple acceptance of medical Cannabis for your community suffering from Cannabis-treatable symptoms or your work as a patient advocate there are many many roles and we celebrate them all.

To celebrate Medical Cannabis Day in Hawaii your Hawaii Patients Union will hold a virtual event online. This event will be live with special guests including Dr. Otto and will start at 10am on Sunday, June 14th 2020. We hope you will attend virtually.

View Medical Cannabis Day Virtual Event Details.


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