Mahalo a nui loa to Hubert and Judy for sharing their Stage 4 Lung Cancer Story. Their hope is that this message will help others. Please share with anyone you know living with Lung Cancer.

 Our relationship with cancer began 6 months ago. My husband, Hubert, hadn’t
been feeling well for several months prior to his diagnosis. He had pain in his
back and shoulder but thought it was the result of too many years of physical
labor. He’d seen his doctor about it but, since they didn’t suspect cancer, they
didn’t check for it. Just before his diagnosis, he also felt it was becoming
increasingly difficult to get a deep breath.
 In September of 2017, the difficulty with breathing became serious enough for
him to go to the emergency room. They did a chest X-ray which showed
‘numerous nodules’ in the right lung as well as fluid in the pleural lining. From
there, he had a CT Scan which confirmed what we already knew, that he had lung
cancer – it was stage 4.
 It was another month before we met with the oncologist. During that time, friends
reached out to us with ideas on what we could do on our own to heal his cancer.
The first one we heard about was cannabis. We watched videos and read articles
and decided to implement it. We were fortunate to find someone who supply us
with the optimum balance of THC & CBD. Hubert took the recommended doses
which were massive. Our hope was that it would heal the cancer and avoid the
need for chemo. After he’d been on it for a month and before he started chemo,
he had another CT scan. It showed the nodules had grown and were spreading.
The concern expressed by those more knowledgeable than were was that, since
the high dosage hadn’t started to shrink the nodules, it might actually be
suppressing his immune system and allowing them to grown. With that new
information, we decided cut back on the dosage. By then, our research led us to
other natural protocols some of which we implemented.
 After all the genetic tests ordered by his oncologist were in, we finally had our
first meeting with her. She said he didn’t test positive for any of the targeted
therapies or for the immunotherapy. She also said that standard chemo may or
may not help but, even if it did help, the best we could hope for was a few months
to a couple of years but that he would definitely die from the disease. Even
though he didn’t test positive, she decided to give him immunotherapy anyway in
conjunction with the chemo in the hope it might help.
 We continued to receive suggestions for natural healing methods from family and
friends and, at the suggestion of someone we trusted, we chose to implement
“the everything approach”. That meant, we incorporated as many healing
methods as possible.
 We followed up with research on all the suggestions we received but, there’s so
much information on the Internet, it was overwhelming. The other thing was, for
every expert who said something offered a cure, there was another expert who
said it didn’t. With no time for trial and error, it was difficult if not impossible to
decide what we should do. Even when we did make a decision, we didn’t know
what the dosages should be.
 We were fortunate to know an expert in Applied Kinesiology, also known as
muscle testing. We took all the supplements we’d collected to our appointment.

In addition, we discussed all the proposed treatment options. From that, she
muscle tested everything to see if it would be beneficial and, if so, what the
dosages should be.
 We also got a second opinion from an integrative oncologist. She looked at his
records and said he definitely needed the chemo. She said, without it, he
wouldn’t live long enough to give the other methods a chance to work. It was
actually comforting to get that advice because, before that, we were conflicted; we
really didn’t want him to have to go through chemo.
 We implemented chemo, immunotherapy, and a host of other things which I’ll list
later. It as a difficult time since we didn’t know what, if anything, we were doing
was making a difference. We were literally living in the void.
 After four rounds of chemo/immunotherapy, he had another CT Scan – it was
overwhelmingly positive. His oncologist said she’d never seen anyone respond
the way he did. Most of the nodules were either completely gone or nearly gone.
To say the least, we were relieved and grateful. It told us that what we were
doing was, indeed, making a positive difference. It gave us hope and confidence.
 For now, Hubert is continuing on a maintenance program of chemo and
immunotherapy. The reason is, there could be microscopic cancer cells still
floating around that can’t be detected by any tests.
 We don’t know what the future will bring but, we believe, he has a very good
chance of recovering from something that, according to his doctor, would be fatal.
 Dealing with this has been painful and frightening but it’s also had many
blessings. We know our time together may be limited so we take time for each
other, our family and friends and to see and appreciate the beauty of life in all it’s
various forms.
Our desire is to be of help to others. If you have any questions, feel welcome to contact
Hubert at

Our healing protocols: There were many more options available but these are the things
Hubert implemented:

 Stopped working – which wasn’t really possible anyway
 Eliminated as much stress as possible
 Surrounded himself with loving, supportive people
 Listened to uplifting music, mostly classical or acapella choir
 Spent time in the sun
 Stop watching TV news
 Walked as much as his health would allow
 Laughed and enjoyed life as much as possible
 Held the belief that healing was an option
 Chose to stay in a place of gratitude rather than fear
 Stopped drinking coffee
 Started drinking organic green tea

 Drinks a lot of water
 Eliminated all processed sugar
 Stopped eating processed foods and fast foods
 Reduced gluten as well as other carbohydrates
 Reduced animal based food including meat and dairy
 Increased plant based food, especially those known for their cancer fighting
properties such as green leafy vegetable and those in the cabbage family
 To the extent possible, switched to organic food
 Drinks alkaline water purchased at the health food store and dispensed within 7
 Worked with an energy healer to help underlying, unresolved emotional issues
 Receives therapeutic massage
 Takes Ultimate Immune for additional immune support
 Takes ESSIAC and True Pine for their cancer healing & antioxidant properties
 Takes Melatonin for its ability to reduce tumors
 Gratefully, receives prayers and good wishes from family and friends
 Fasts for three full days before chemo and one day after

These documentaries, books and videos & newsletters have been helpful:
 Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief (Video or Book)
 Joe Dispenza, Becoming Supernatural (Book)
 Video – The Science of Fasting (Found on Amazon Prime)
 Cancer DeCoded – It’s a newsletter
 The Truth About Cancer – It’s a newsletter

These videos are related to cannabis and can be found on YouTube:
 CNN Special by Sanjay Gupta – Weed 1 & @
 Clearing the Smoke – Montana PBS Documentary
 Medical Cannabis and it’s impact on Human Health
 Leaf – Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis
 What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?
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Websites related to cannabis
 naturessupplement.pdf

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