Aloha, it’s with gratitude and pleasure that we announce our latest efforts to support Hawaii’s access to legal, safe, affordable medicine for all patients. Our focus on patient rights over the years provides has provided certain insights we’d like to share. Among those is the need to bring people together. Together we have strength in numbers, ideas and economics. Our new website provides a specail opportunity to share critical information and benefits unavailable anywhere else with our members.

Bringing People Together remains our mantra. No one is left behind regardless of present or past situations or standings. Our strength in numbers helps the folks working hard to improve legislation through voter referendums, policy directives, and local ordinances. Strength in numbers provides economic incentives for suppliers supporting all of our rights to whole plant medicine. Strength in numbers = buying power.

Coming together to support patients also brings social impacts. We like to have fun and share in the small and large wins for patients and your ohana. Our social events are the most fun and we’re getting involved in the Hawaii Cannabis Organization as a way to share ideas and bring more people together for fun, for work and for creating impacts in Hawaii.

Our member benefits are shaping up to be the most comprehensive and valuable benefits to any organization anywhere. Our model is to provide member benefits that every patient needs. We support medical professionals advancing research, treatment and the knowledge exchange critical to patient health.

Hawaii Patient Union advisors provide a key element of expertise, trust and alignment with patient needs. Our volunteers are promoting the idea that everyone has a right to legal, safe, affordable medicine. Regardless of your societal, economic, or health condition, we want you involved.

Hawaii Patients Union