We’re starting the year with some letter writing. This one is about federal exemption from prosecution for all licensed Cannabis patients.

Dr, Clifton Otto of Cannabis Healthcare Hawaii has drafted for your consideration a bill that would exempt Hawaii licensed Cannabis patients from federal prosecution. We followed up on this effort with a letter to Gov. Ige. Everyone will have an opportunity to sign the letter at the annual meeting, Jan 3rd, 4:30pm at Sweet Cane Cafe.

For the latest House and Senate versions of the bill please visit Dr. Otto’s website:

Testimony in response to introduction of SB2462


Senate Committee on Commerce, Consumer Protection, and Health
Senator Rosalyn H. Baker, Chair
Senator Stanley Chang, Vice Chair

Friday, January 31, 2020; 9:30 AM

State Capitol, Conference Room 229

On Behalf of Patients Who Rely on Medical Cannabis and Members of the Hawaii Patients Union We Are Calling For Strong Support Of Senate Bill 2462

Aloha Chair Baker, Vice Chair Chang and members of the committee. Thank you for accepting our testimony in support of Senate Bill 2462. 

Confusion in the law is harming patients. Confusing statements by the Governor such as, “medical cannabis remains illegal under federal law” are preventing patients from applying. This twisting of facts denies licensed patients “a well regulated” medical Cannabis program. Law abiding patients are refusing to seek help or opioid alternatives. Harm to certain patient populations is increasing.

Our members share many fears about federal prosecution including; 

  • Fear of applying for or losing a job that requires a drug screening, 
  • Fear of losing federal housing and food assistance, 
  • Fear of using health insurance for a minor hospital visit, 
  • Usurpation of privacy rights citing failures in following HIPAA law
  • Moms must deal with the anxiety of a routine traffic stop ending with the loss of their child to CPS/CWS. 
  • Fear of traveling between counties/interisland, through national parks, airports, harbors, military installations and other federally-controlled roads and waterways. 
  • Hunters fear losing their rights to own guns for hunting. 

It is our hope that you will support patients who rely on Cannabis for life and health. Thank you in advance of your demonstrated support of SB2462. 

With Aloha

Hawaii State Department of Health’s response to SB2462

Hawaii State Department of Health's response to SB2462

Hawaii Patients Union