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Medical Cannabis Day 2020 Proclamations

Medical Cannabis Day is June 14th in Hawaii.

Our Medical Cannabis Day champion is Dr. Clifton Otto. His work over the last two years to achieve recognition for patients with debilitating conditions who are licensed to use Cannabis has been exemplary to say the least. Dr. Otto spends his own money and a substantial amount of his time to raise awareness for patients suffering and passed.

Following Dr. Otto’s lead in submitting a proclamation to Gov. Ige and Mayor Kirk Caldwell, we submitted a nearly identical proclamation proposal to Mayor of Hawaii County, Harry Kim and Managing Director, Wil Okabe.

Read the proclamation sent to Mayor Kim:

Read the proclamation sent to Mayor Caldwell:
MCDay-Proclamation Proposal-Caldwell-03Jun20

Response from Gov. Ige’s office May 29th, 2019:
Aloha and thank you for contacting the Office of Governor David Ige to request a commemorative message from the governor. Unfortunately, our office will not be able to accommodate your request for Medical Cannabis Day at this time. We hope to be able to assist you in the future.

Everyone has a role to play. Whether it’s simple acceptance of medical Cannabis for your community suffering from Cannabis-treatable symptoms or your work as a patient advocate there are many many roles and we celebrate them all.

To celebrate Medical Cannabis Day in Hawaii your Hawaii Patients Union will hold a virtual event online. This event will be live with special guests including Dr. Otto and will start at 10am on Sunday, June 14th 2020. We hope you will attend virtually.

View Medical Cannabis Day Virtual Event Details.


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Event Details Hawaii Medical Cannabis Day 2020

Medical Cannabis Day in Hawaii

Let’s join together in gratitude for the many accomplishments that have lead to more patients receiving Cannabis medicine. We want to hear your stories with Cannabis medicine. We want to hear medical and industry professionals stories from the front lines. Essential and critical work to help ensure patients can access medicine in our home and dispensary markets. Join us, hele kakou!

  • 10:00am Introduction to Medical Cannabis Day by Clifton Otto MD
  • 10:15am Senator Russell Ruderman
  • 10:30am Hawaiian Ethos
  • 10:45am Big Island Grown
  • 11:00am Hawaii Hemp Farmer’s Association
  • 11:15am Cannabis Nurse Wendy Gibson
  • 11:30am Local Cannabis Thought Leaders, Roger Christie and Mike Ruggles
  • 11:45am Local Growers and Breeders
  • Continued discussion till noonISH Special Guests and Open sharing of gratitude and patient stories from the greatest Cannabis community in the world.

Medical Cannabis Day in Hawaii will be online this year.
Hele mai kakou!

Sunday June 14th 10:00am

Meeting ID: 720 2999 6058
Password: akamai

This celebration will be a chance for everyone to come together online, share stories and hang out with friends, advocates, medical and industry professionals, home growers and patients from all islands. If you’ve got something special you’d like to share, please let us know so we can schedule time for you.

Last year we got together at the Mokupapapa Discovery Center in Hilo. This year we’re 100% online.

Photo of Mayor's Proclamation of Medical Cannabis Day. Signed by Mayor Harry Kim.
Medical Cannabis Day Proclamation from the Honorable Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim
Medical Cannabis Day 2020 Proclamation Kauai
Medical Cannabis Day Proclamation from the Honorable Kauai County Mayor Derek Kawakami


Medical Cannabis Day 2020 Proclamation
Medical Cannabis Day Proclamation from the Honorable Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu, Kirk Caldwell


Note: We didn’t receive the proclamation from Maui in time for publishing. We will add it if possible.

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Intro to Hawaiian Ethos

Intro to Hawaiian Ethos


Hawaiian Ethos Medical Advisor, Stacey Marie Kerr, MD, will be available to patients next week at three events open to the public. She’ll be sharing what Hawaiian Ethos is up to with Talk Medicine™ and Strain Hui™, tips on how to use cannabis as medicine, and answering any questions you may have.


This event has passed. Mahalo for everyone’s support of the Hawaii Patient Union.

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Medical Cannabis Day in Hawaii is June 14th

June 14th, 2000 is the day then Governor Benjamin Cayetano signed a bill into law forever changing the rights of patients in Hawaii. Patients continue to suffer in many ways but on June 14th we’ll celebrate the day that set everything into motion.

SB0862 SD2 HD1 (HSCR 1319-00) 228 RELATING TO MEDICAL USE OF MARIJUANA. Effective: June 14, 2000

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October Meeting Gratitude

October Hawaii Patients Union Meeting

Special Mahalos to our presenters, Roger Christie, Eric “Drake” Weinert and Jeff Pollock for great information for patients.

Lots of information exchanged. Roger Christie opened the meeting up, hearts first and provided insights into what economic freedom could mean for Hawaii. A lingering thought… 1.6 billion dollars worth of Cannabis eradicated in the nineties by our local, state and federal governments. Roger has been a leader in this area for decades and learning how Cannabis played a role in our island’s history was mind-blowing. A video of Roger’s presentation will be appearing on his THC Ministries website post-editing.

Eric Weinert shined the light on Korean Natural Farming (KNF) for Cannabis. From fermented plant juices to Lacto Bacillus Recipes and other fungus among us. Really great primer on the need and opportunity to farm Cannabis with KNF techniques. Buy his book of KNF recipes. Really informative for patients or folks growing for patients who rely on Cannabis medicine. Contact Drake to learn how you can help save agricultural by moving away from petroleum based, synthetic chemicals for food and medicine.

A few compliance questions came up creating a perfect segue into Jeff Pollacks 10 minute presentation on legal insurance. His business for the last 12 years has been helping people connect with affordable legal services through Legal Shield. We learned the importance of having an attorney you can call, on the spot when a compliance check occurs. Or for any charge made against you. It’s not enough to win in court, the goal every patient should focus on is “staying out of court.” Legal services from a reputable law firm costs less than a cup of coffee using Legal Shield.

A general theme emerged among all presenters. Each mentioned natural law in the context of our natural rights to plant-based medicines.

For the organization we raised $61.00 in donations. Mahalo a nui loa for all you beautiful, sharing, giving people. We love you!

October Agenda (Meeting pau – Next Meeting Nov. 2nd)

Hawaii Innovation Center at Hilo Directions
117 Keawe Street, Hilo, Hi 96720


Free to Members

Suggested donation for non-members, $5-$10 (no one is turned away)

Join us! Become a member or just come spend a couple hours with us on the next Aloha First Friday.

When you RSVP it helps us plan better meetings.

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