Our History

Hawaii Patients Union – How we got started

The idea for the Hawaii Cannabis Patients Union came from a meeting of a small group of patient advocates and compassionate legislators. In that October meeting in 2016 Daniel Morii mentioned the need for a unified approach to helping patients in Hawaii. Senator Russell Ruderman mentioned the word “union” and a fire started. Daniel Morii’s eyes grew wide and in a moment the need for a patient union became self-evident.

On that same day Bill Collins mentioned the need for patients to be able to test their own medicine. Drug paraphernalia like rolling papers and other laws that seemed unfair toward patients were discussed. State Representative Joy San Buenaventura, State Senator Russell Ruderman agreed, William Collins, Daniel Morii and Brent Norris imagined an organization by and for patients capable of providing meaningful benefits to patients.

A vision and mission for the Hawaii Cannabis Patients Union quickly circulated among attendees of the meeting in the days that followed.┬áThe word “Cannabis” was dropped from the name to reduce bias against patients in the organization.

Today the organization offers a friendly approach for those who wish to try or must rely on Cannabis medicine for the treatment of health conditions and well being. Read more about the Hawaii Patients Union.