AI Conversation – Recreational vs Medical Use

GPT4 by OpenAI Can you summarize medical cannabis vs recreational cannabis? Medical cannabis and recreational cannabis are two distinct classifications of cannabis use based on their intended purpose and legal status in various jurisdictions. Medical cannabis refers to the use of the cannabis plant or its derivatives to treat various health conditions under the guidance […]

Capitol Convo with Dr. Clifton Otto

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Medical Cannabis Day 2022

Big Mahalo for another educational, and fun Medical Cannabis Day in Hawaii. View Last Year’s 2021 Online Event:  Submit the form at the right to RSVP for in-person event on your island. Share your ideas for medical Cannabis and get involved in this year’s event. Submit your video to patients and we’ll play it back […]

Medical Cannabis Day 2021

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn 2021 Hawaiʻi’s Medical Cannabis Day Event Recap Featuring Dr. Bonni Goldstein. Dr. Bonni will deliver our keynote address, “Cannabis is Medicine” followed by a short QnA. Use the form at right to submit your questions.  The purpose of Medical Cannabis Day is “to honor our patients and their struggles these past twenty-one […]

The Difference Between 49 and 50 Plants Could Be Devastating

Federal Sentencing for 50 plants conflicts with Hawaii State laws allowing 50 plants by 5 patients. A possible key takeaway from this article might be to keep your plant counts at 49 or less. Hawaii law, HRS 712-1247 – states that promotion in the first degree – cultivating 25 – 49 plants is a class C […]

DOH Letter to and From Deputy Director Danette Wong Tomiyasu

Dr. Otto received a reply from Danette Wong Tomiyasu, Deputy Director, Health Resources Administration. Please read the letter below. Dr-Otto Deputy Director Tomiyasu-Reply-Request to Action-Federal-Conflict-18Sep20 Dr. Otto’s response to the reply letter asks, “that the department fulfill its mission to protect the health and welfare of our patients by standing up for Hawaii’s medical use […]

Requesting Conversation with interim DOH Director Elizabeth Char on Behalf of Patients in Hawaii

Dr. Clifton Otto has penned a new letter to DOH interim Director Elizabeth Char regarding her first day and “comments at the Governor’s Press Conference yesterday during  your first day as director of the Department of Health (DOH).” Please take a moment to read the letter. Dr-Otto Requesting conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Char 17Sep20  

Letters to Interim DOH Director Elizabeth Char and Deputy Director Tomiyasu

Dr. Clifton Otto from Cannabis Healthcare Hawaii recently reached out to the Hawaii State Department of Health Director, Elizabeth Char on behalf of patients. The letter, is introductory in nature and an olive branch to the DOH in hopes of cultivating communication between the DOH and patient advocates. Please read the letter and send your […]

Encouraging a a Federal Exemption for Hawaii’s Medical Cannabis Program

The following is a letter authored by Dr. Clifton Otto to Senate President Kouchi encouraging “Senate leadership to re-evaluate its position on the strategy of obtaining a federal exemption for our Medical Cannabis Program as a way to eliminate the discrimination that our patients and dispensaries are facing as a result of having to participate […]

Medical Cannabis Day 2020 Proclamations

Medical Cannabis Day is June 14th in Hawaii. Our Medical Cannabis Day champion is Dr. Clifton Otto. His work over the last two years to achieve recognition for patients with debilitating conditions who are licensed to use Cannabis has been exemplary to say the least. Dr. Otto spends his own money and a substantial amount of […]