Keep Your Business Listed

Guidelines, Terms and Conditions of Use by Qualifying Businesses

Your current listing is not viewable and search engines are being blocked from indexing your listing on the internet until such time you have completed the application for consideration and have accepted the following terms and conditions. Until such time, your business listing may reside on our server in a draft form.

Once your application and listing are approved we’ll promote your business listing(s) on, affiliate websites and in major search engines and social media.

To be eligible for a listing on businesses must adhere to the following rules;

  • Your listing must provide current information about your business.
  • You must agree to accept a discount, benefit or special offer listed on
  • No link redirects or other means of redirecting traffic between and your site can be used. Any links from must directly link to your discounted products or services for members.

This program is entirely optional.

Building a community of local, patient-friendly businesses may possibly help provide benefits to our community in the following ways;

  1. Helping patients source products and services they may need from local vendors in one place online.
  2. Business owners may align their brands with the hearts and minds of local patients and utilize a cost-effective method of reaching local patients through search engines and direct links from your website or email or social media and in other ways you may promote your listing, business page or membership on
  3. Providing member benefits demonstrates our growing local Cannabis economy to economists, key decision makers and legislators. This helps to ensure laws are being amended or created to restore the rights of everyone participating in the Cannabis economy. This can be especially helpful to business owners who are also patients.

Anyone can view your listing but only patient union members get discounts and only members can purchase products or services.

Qualified members may obtain one of the following;

  1. A free business listing that includes a discount on products or services offered by your business.
    The discount is provided by the applying business entity or individual and is accessed by our members using a coupon. The coupon is obtained through a shopping, checkout and download process. The business listing is provided at no cost to the business.  However, may charge a small fee to members to access the coupon. Alternatively a member may pay nothing during checkout to download a coupon for your discounted product or service. A valid coupon is what you look for before giving the member a discount in your store.
  2. A paid business listing that includes a direct link to discounted products or services offered by your business.
    The monthly cost for a paid business listing is $25. A paid business listing provides additional advertising and marketing for your business including; an optimized link to your business recognized by major search engines for improved search listings, an optional gallery of images also optimized for search, optional submission of long-form text describing your business, products and or services.
  3. A paid business listing that includes one or more products or services sold through our website.
    Using our shopping cart, checkout and payment processes you can list your offering. Product fulfillment is handled by you. Any shipping, insurance and handling costs must be factored into the complete product price. When an order is placed on our website, you will receive an email notification with the buyers information including shipping and handling instructions. Online buyers of your products or services may negotiate delivery of purchased products with the business owner directly. The monthly cost for this listing varies. Depending on your business branding and marketing needs a monthly fee would be charged. In some situations a percentage of total purchase price may also be charged. may also charge an hourly fee to edit to your product or service details. The minimum cost for editing web pages for member businesses is $50 per hour with a minimum charge of one hour.

To keep our costs low we use an automated payment and system. Payments can be made through this website but the transaction and recurrence of your payment is managed our payment processor, PayPal. Therefore, to cancel your payment anytime, you must login to your PayPal account and stop the recurring payment. We can provide a direct link anytime if helpful. A link to stop recurring payments is also included in your receipts from PayPal.

Business owners are required to pay any applicable taxes.

Why Fees?

Fees for business listings and services help pay for certain fixed and variable costs we incur. Some of these costs include email, website and server administration, hosting costs at the data center, marketing of business listings in email, social media and search engines. We employ standards in design and marketing to create the best possible offerings online for patient-friendly businesses listed on To get a better understanding of these standards we’ve provided some additional resources and links here.

Mahalo for helping to keep the guiding light burning.