Can’t Find My Coupon Code!

All 2017 Hawaii Cannabis Open Expo ticket holders, vendors, volunteers, presenters, and sponsors are eligible for a free membership in the Hawaii Patients Union.

Recover HPU Membership Coupon Code

  • First, we'll try to find your name in our lists and spreadsheets.
  • Fill in the email address you used to make a payment to fill out the volunteer, sponsor or presenter form. If we can't find you by name, we'll look for your email address.
  • This shouldn't be difficult. So if there's anything you can tell us to help remember your participation, filling out this field could save you a $50 membership fee.

Mahalo to the Hawaii Cannabis Organization for supporting patients and building the New!

Medical Cannabis Day 2021

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Hawaiʻi’s Medical Cannabis Day Starts June 14th at 10am. Featuring Dr. Bonni Goldstein.

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